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Winter Is Still Super Lice Season In Florida

It’s time again for more rain and a drop in temperatures, kids returning to school after a long holiday break and back in close contact with one another. Such close contact means an unfortunate increase in head lice outbreaks in our children’s schools, daycare centers and extracurricular activities. Why do head lice like kids so much? Children’s hair is finer and thinner than adult hair, allowing lice to more easily grasp it.

Cold rainy winter days mean kids spend more time on indoor activities, leaving big piles of outdoor clothing in their wake. Piles of hats and jackets look innocent enough but they often create “super lice breeding grounds.”

“What’s that?” you ask, eyes wide. “Super lice?”

Researchers recently report outbreaks of “super lice,” or strains of lice impervious to over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed treatments typically used to treat lice outbreaks.

In short, over-the-counter (OTC) head lice treatments no longer kill head lice. The days of picking up a topical treatment at your local drugstore and treating your child at home are long gone. Unfortunately, the chemicals in the OTC products have been used over and over, and lice have built up a resistance to them.

Lisa Lamason, Vice President of Client Relations, says “OTC lice treatments don’t work. Period. They used to, but with super lice, they are ineffective and a waste of time and money, leaving your child with an untreated lice infestation.”

With the typical OTC methods for eradicating lice obsolete, what options do parents have when faced with lice?

“If you want to kill lice and louse eggs, you need a head lice removal service like Lice Lifters to stop your outbreak once and for all. We have a 99.9% success rate killing lice and preventing further outbreaks through our topical treatment and education about home clean-up,” says Lamason. “We offer head checks performed by professionally trained lice treatment technicians. They can spot lice if you have it, or tell you if you don’t. If you do, our techs are trained to kill the live lice and remove eggs that remain. One treatment and you are done.”

Additionally, prevention remains the best way to prevent a lice outbreak in first place. In cold weather, monitor your child’s interactions with other kids, and instruct them not to share hats, brushes or combs during school or sleepovers. Even selfies can spread lice!

Careful prevention is a great start, coupled with regular inspection and head checks to ensure a lice outbreak does not start or spread.

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