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Head Lice Removal
Salon Near Juno Beach, FL

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Head Lice Removal
Salon Near Juno Beach, FL

Call Today For Up-To-Date Pricing & Appointments or Fill Out The Form Below

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If you’re in or around Juno Beach, you’ll be happy to hear of a lice salon that handles this problem in just such a manner. At Lice Lifters Palm Beach Gardens, we have the tools, training and experience to get you and your children lice free in a single visit. Before we can do this, though, we need you to fill out the contact form on this page, so we can set up an appointment for you.

Juno Beach Trusts the Lice Lifters Process

The secret to the effectiveness of our lice removal is the steps we follow in our process. First, we verify you have lice with a combing head check. Our certified technicians then use a comb specialized for removing lice and their eggs. These eggs are known as nits, and they’re attached to the base of hair follicles with a glue-like substance, which makes them hard to remove. Our lice technicians have the experience at getting this done thoroughly, however. We then put an all-natural killing agent on your hair and scalp that finishes off any lice that thought they avoided their demise by escaping the comb-out.

Come to Lice Lifters

This first step is what enables all the others to happen. If you’re in the Juno Beach area, we’re conveniently located for you and available 7 days a week.

Thorough Comb-Out

Our eagle-eyed technicians are pros at spotting lice and their nits and at using a specially designed comb to get them out of your hair and scalp.

Apply Lice Lifters Solution

Our certified lice technicians then apply our all-natural, non-toxic killing solution to your hair and scalp that finishes off any lice remaining after the comb-out.

Take a Tour of Lice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens, FL

When you look for a solution to any problem, the first thing you want to know is that it’s effective. Our lice removal process meets this criterion and then some. Our lice treatment is so good it’s frequently recommended by pediatricians and school nurses.

It’s comforting to know that we don’t rest on our laurels when it comes to providing excellent service to our customers just because we have the best treatment for this problem in the Juno Beach area. When you come through the door of our lice clinic, you’ll immediately know you’re in a family-friendly establishment with a staff that cares about handling this problem for you.

Client Testimonials
Michelle and Angie really helped my family out in a time of need. These two women were fantastic and really helped my daughters continuous lice problem. I have been to many other clinics which all have resulted in her lice returning. Michelle took her time to educate myself in the correct lice removal process and now my family is finally free from lice! - Alexis Chevere
This place is amazing. The staff is friendly and it really works. We went here also two years ago and one treatment was all it took. While we hope to never come here again, at least we know that getting it taken care of will be stress free. - Mark Gorman
This place and their staff is absolutely amazing! My daughter was sent home even after she was treated by an at home treatment. They fit me right in and went to work on her hair. The facility is super clean and the staff is very knowledgeable. Every question I had they answered. I highly recommend them... - Shannon Perry
When I found out that all of my daughter's friends had lice, I freaked out. Lice lifters was able to quickly give me an appointment and provide a complete head check. The staff was extremely professional and very helpful. Luckily, after a very thorough check, my daughter was cleared and she did not need treatment!! We will be wearing our hair up and using the Lice-Lifter deterrent detangler for now on just in case! - Lori Merfogel
The staff at Lice Lifters are attentive, professional and make you feel very comfortable during an uncomfortable situation. The owner makes every attempt to accommodate your schedule. During your appointment time they are prompt and take you as scheduled. I highly recommend Lice Lifters. It is a very clean and friendly environment. - Aimee Schwartz

Why Families Choose Lice Lifters?

All Natural,
Organic and Safe

Our Lice Lifters® Treatment Solution is all natural and all of our lice treatment products are safe for the whole family.

Certified Lice
Removal Technicians

Our lice treatment technicians are all trained and certified on the best techniques for removing lice once and for all.

Better than Mobile Treatment Services
Lice Lifters® is better than a mobile head lice removal service. Find out why our treatment clinics are your best option.

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