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Head Lice Treatment and Removal Clinic

Lice Lifters uses the latest technologies that are pesticide free and 99.9% effective. Our effective lice service, treating the Palm Beach County area, will put you and your family at ease right away. Lice Lifters performs an All-Natural treatment service for head lice removal near West Palm Beach.

Through our lice treatment center in PBG you will have the safest and most effective head lice treatment in Florida.

With just one single visit for treatment featuring, The Lice Lifters All-Natural treatment, you will be lice free. Our technicians will put you at ease and leave you and your family with a follow-up treatment plan as well as advise on how to prevent a lice outbreak in your home.

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We Offer the Lowest Pricing and the Best, Guaranteed Service in the Palm Beach Area.

Do you think you or your children have head lice? Do you have questions about the cost of head lice removal? No need to worry – Lice Lifters is now in Palm Beach Gardens Florida! Lice Lifters of Palm Beach County can treat your whole family at once with One Quick Treatment. Done! We have no hidden fees in our pricing and we are the most affordable lice removal service in Palm Beach County FL.

Normal Business Hour Pricing

The Lice Lifters Treatment

$125.00 per hour

Head Check

$30.00 per head

Evenings after 6pm, Weekends & Off Hours: By Appointment Only

The Lice Lifters Treatment

$145.00 per hour

Head Check

$35.00 per head

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We Accept FSA & HSA Payments

Lice treatment services may be covered by your health insurance company. Lice Lifters can provide you with the proper diagnostic codes and paperwork required by insurance companies for reimbursement. Please check with your provider for coverage eligibility. Most flexible spending accounts cover head lice removal services. Lice Lifters accepts most flexible spending account credit cards for payment.

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