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School Sports And Head Lice – What To Do?

School Sports And Lice Outbreaks

With all the problems you may have to deal with as a parent, head lice may have been one of the last you’d expect. That said, it can happen to anyone’s children. Lice are small, parasitic insects that feed on blood just under the scalp. They can cause itching, redness and irritation, and constant scratching of the scalp can cause open sores and infection. Your kids can pick them up from an infested person through direct head-to-head contact such as when pressing heads together to take a selfie.

Your child can also become infested with them by sharing items used or worn on the head. If they put a hat, scarf or hair ribbon on that was worn by an infested person, chances are they will catch them as well. This can also happen from sharing a brush or comb. Another way they can spread, which is often not thought about, is through playing sports.

A Connection Between Sports And Head Lice

With kids back in school, after-school games are starting up in earnest. As a parent, you are already concerned about the possibility of them getting injured while playing a game. This is certainly a concern, but don’t let it be your only one. There are games that require the wearing of helmets. If your children don’t have their own helmets for a given sport, then they have no choice to share those provided by the team at the school.

Purchasing a helmet for your child would be an excellent investment in lice prevention. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Lice prevention can be seen as simpler than head lice treatment. You also want to ensure your kids don’t share any other articles used on or near their head. Make sure they use a clean towel that hasn’t been used by anyone else when they are showering after a game. After-school sports can be an excellent experience for anyone, but take a few simple precautions to ensure it’s only a positive experience for your child.

Professional Head Lice Treatment Options

Let’s say you’ve taken a few precautions, but your child got head lice nevertheless. If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens FL area, you will be happy to hear that there is a professional head lice removal option near you.

Our lice clinicLice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens, has the treatment options you need to handle this problem quickly and affordably. We use treatments that are completely safe and all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about your child having an adverse reaction to harsh chemicals or toxins. We do a thorough head check to ensure that lice are the problem. Then, after we’ve applied our effective lice-killing solution, we finish with a thorough comb out that ensures every last louse and nit is removed.

Best of all, this head lice removal process is completed in a single trip, so your children are quickly able to get back to the after-school games they enjoy so much.

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