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Lice Prevention Tips For Back To School

Your child contracting a case of head lice is one of those problems that parents would like to never have to deal with. In this regard, you can add it to a list of things like failing grades, injuries or your kid catching the flu. As you know all too well, sometimes things happen to your child that you’d wish you could avoid. Given this fact, there are steps you can take to try to minimize the chances of them picking up this problem before they head back to school.

Talk To Your Children

A head lice infestation is contracted when your child either touches heads with another child or shares items worn or used on their head that belong to another child who is infected. These sorts of things can include hats and hairbrushes just to name a couple examples. Given this fact, the first thing you should do for lice prevention is talk to your child, and tell them not to do this.

Another step to take is to minimize the spread of your children’s hair in order to keep it from touching another child’s head. Boys hair is fairly simple, and a regular, fairly short haircut at regular intervals will keep their hair pretty well contained. A daughter’s hair is a little more complicated. They may like to wear their hair long, which can be an issue as far as it being able to touch an infected child’s head without them even having to physically touch heads. Having them wear their hair up is a good solution to this situation.

Check Their Hair Periodically

Engaging in preventative measures could be seen as pointless if you’re not checking regularly to see if these measures are effective. The best way to check for lice is to use a lice comb. You run it through damp hair from the root down to the end of a bunch of hair. Have a white paper towel handy to wipe the comb on after every few strokes with the comb. The lice will provide a good contrast against the white of the paper towel and should show up quite easily on it.

What To Do If Lice Prevention Fails

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, kids will be kids, and they’ll get close enough to another one who is infected with lice while playing. While lice are merely an annoyance compared to other things that could befall your child, they should still be handled. They cause your kid’s scalp to become itchy, and repeated scratching could cause an infection.

The solution to most problems of simply going down to the store to buy a product that handles it is not an effective head lice removal option. Over the years, they have grown immune to the toxins used in lice shampoos. With kids going back to school this time of year, it is especially urgent that the problem be effectively handled.

It may be a good idea to seek out a professional lice clinic that has dedicated solutions for this specific problem. Lice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida is one such clinic. We utilize a head lice treatment that is safe and natural, so you don’t need to have any concerns about the head lice removal process.  Best of all, our treatment only takes one trip and is guaranteed to be 99.9 percent effective. This means your child will quickly be out the door lice free and ready to go back to school with their attention on what they’re learning instead of scratching their head.

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