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How To Handle Drug-Resistant Head Lice

The prospect of your kids getting head lice is bad enough. Now, there’s the additional problem that some common treatments for a lice infestation are not even effective anymore. Over-the-counter products containing the insecticides permethrin and pyrethrin have been used for so long that lice seem to have developed an immunity to them. This is similar to how the overuse of antibiotics has caused many strains of bacteria to become resistant.

Issues With Drug-Based Head Lice Treatments

Many lice becoming immune to the insecticides used in some lice shampoos is not the only bad news. As a parent, you should know that these insecticides are toxic. Specifically, they contain neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors, and these might have negative effects on your child’s health after repeated use.

Lice will not be resistant yet to newer types of insecticide, but because they are newer, they tend to be expensive treatments that can only be obtained by prescription. Also, a new treatment will have fewer studies about their long-term safety.

What’s A Parent To Do?

There are natural lice remedies that rely on the idea of suffocating or dehydrating the lice to kill them. Some parents may try using a hair dryer for a lengthy period of time to dehydrate the lice. A powdery product called diatomaceous earth is also thought to help to dehydrate them when applied to the hair and scalp for a few hours before washing it off.

As far as methods of suffocating lice, some have used olive oil, mayonnaise or coconut oil applied directly to the scalp and hair. It has to be left on for many hours since lice can hold their breath for a while, so it’s typically left on a child’s head overnight under a shower cap. By thoroughly coating your child’s hair and scalp, the lice can’t breath and are suffocated. You may also be advised to use a special lice comb to remove as many of the lice and their eggs, or nits, as you can see. The oils only suffocate live lice, so it has to be applied a couple more times to catch those lice that were nits at the time of the first treatment.

A Combined Approach To Head Lice

Beyond treating the lice on your child’s head, you should wash any hats, scarves and clothes that they’ve been wearing, and put any combs, brushes and other hair accessories in the dishwasher. While lice can’t live long away from the human scalp where they depend on the blood underneath for a meal, they can last long enough to be transmitted by someone wearing or using the infested person’s headgear or hair accessories.

A Helping Hand With Head Lice

One problem with all of the above approaches is that they put the burden completely on you. You can try to be careful in covering their entire scalp with oil or mayonnaise and comb as carefully as possible with a lice comb, but just a couple missed lice or nits and the problem starts all over again. If your time is valuable to you and you want a head lice treatment that is fast, affordable and guaranteed, you should come to Lice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens.

For any family in or around Palm Beach County, we are a convenient solution to the problem of lice. When you bring your loved ones to our family-friendly lice salon, we put your kids at ease while performing a head check to verify they have lice. If they’re found, we get to work employing a mixture of natural products and techniques that are devastating to the lice but 100 percent safe for your children. Don’t let your kids suffer from the itching and irritation of head lice. Bring them to Lice Lifters of Palm Beach Gardens, and we’ll get them free of these pests in a single visit.

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